In a nutshell...

We don't track you, we don't want to track you. We would love to know how you are using this site because we spent a lot of time putting it together and we are interested in how many people are visiting and what content they are finding the most engaging, however the law as it currently stands would require us to inconvenience our users with a popup if we wanted to do that, and we do not want to be part of that problem.

We are going to give you some cookie-like things to help the site run faster, these are explained below. If you do not approve of this, please leave the site immediately.


The creators of this site are opposed to GDPR in its current form. We feel that the law is currently confusing and over the top, and that the implementers do not understand the technology involved or the damage they are doing to innovation by restricting it in the way they have. This site was made far less possible by their careless rulings and legistlation.

That said, we don't want to get into any trouble about this completely harmless website so we are forced legally to provide the following statements to you.

Privacy is a read-only resource providing recipes to people who might want to cook them. This application does not store, or attempt to store, any personally identifiable information from users - this includes anonymous analytics that would otherwise help us to improve the site.

Cookies and Cookie-like items

We do not set any cookies on your device, however there are some "cookie-like" items that may be set on your device when you visit and use this application;

Local and Session Storage
These are used for caching data that the user has already downloaded/read.
Service Worker
Allows the user to install the app locally if they want to (will only be installed if the user asks it to be).

These exist purely to prevent the user having to re-download data they've already downloaded, provide a better user experience and to make the site load faster. We believe this usage falls under the ICO's exemptions in that they are being set purely for the purpose of carrying out communication over a network (or in this case, NOT needlessly carrying out that communication). We also believe these cookie-like items to be strictly necessary / essential to ensure this site maintains a low carbon footprint.