What is Nomelette?

Years ago my grandmother, Sheila Hogarth, used to teach recipe classes in the Carlisle and Cumbria area. Her years of expertise in the kitchen saw her become the author of around a thousand recipes and adaptations covering many types of cullinary genre, from delicious starters to mouthwatering desserts. Sheila passed away in 2000. Her archive of recipes (both compilations and hundreds of hand-written recipes) passed on to my parents and I thought it might be a nice idea to put them on the internet rather than letting them gather dust in the loft.

What kinds of recipes are featured?

In a nutshell this is old-school family recipes - not entirely unhealthy... but also probably not the best things to be eating regularly if you are trying to keep in shape. They're being shared here to keep them alive. These days people are a little more concious about nutrition and calories (which is a good thing) so this is just a fair warning that "healthy recipes" is not really what Nomelette is offering. What you will find is hearty, filling and traditional recipes which when enjoyed in moderation will be a hit with both yourself and your guests.

You may also see certain comments throughout the site with a "(sic)" aside - we copied down the recipes exactly as written, so if Sheila had made a throwaway comment about a recipe being "a good idea for a millenium party" then that's what it'll say on the site, despite the fact that the millenium has been and gone. There are also a few comments which haven't aged very well, but they've been left in too - nothing too bad but it doesn't really feel right to censor them :)