Christmas Wishes

A selection of seasonal recipes from the city and guilds cooks professional, 1990 department of food and creative arts, Newton Rigg.

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Cooking For Friends Can Be Fun

This book was produced by Sheila with proceeds in aid of Eden Valley Hospice, Carlisle. It opens with a foreword from two members of Eden Valley staff, Dr. M A Briggs (Medical Director) and Mrs M Masson (Matron/Manager);

"It is with great pleasure that we write this forward to Sheila's latest Recipe Book. Once again an exciting collection of new recipes and old favourites are included.We are extremely grateful to Sheila and her sponsors for producing and printing this edition.

Sheila generously donated all the profits from the sales of this book to Eden Valley Hospice, which she has unstingingly supported over many years.We are sure you will enjoy these recipes, and also be tempted to join Sheila's demonstrations which have become an established part of fundraising for the hospice.

Sheila, we thank you very much indeed"
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Festive Fare

A selection of tried and tested recipes suitable for the festive season, from Sheila Hogarth. The book opens with the following quote;

"Now thrice welcome Christmas, which brings us good cheer, mince pies and plum porridge, good ale and strong beer."

Proceeds from the sale of Festive Fare were in aid of the Inglewood Infant School fund.

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More Christmas Recipes

This book didn't have any kind of footnote or introduction so we're not sure exactly why it was produced other than as a way to share some recipe ideas for the Christmas period.

The "More" in the title probably refers to the fact that Christmas was a common theme in the recipes Sheila tended to share.

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